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Step 6 - 500 referrals reached

When you have reached the 500 referrals, stop renting new referrals and just maintain the ones you already have. Keep doing this until you Main Balance contains $100,00 to upgrade to a Golden Membership (value in the Main Balance is depending on the site for which you use this strategy). Now take your earnings to the next level .......


Step 7 - Golden Membership

With the $100,00 in your Main Balance you upgrade to a Golden Membership which cost (at NeoBux) $90,00 and still have $10,00 left for maintaining your referrals. With a Golden Membership you will have more advertisements to click and the value of a advertiment and your referral earnings will double.


Step 8 - Start to rent referrals again

After your upgrade to a Golden Membership you should rent referrals again untill you reached the 2000 referrals. No payout so far but you also paid nothing so far. When you reach the 2000 referrals you can start cashing $50,00 a day.


Now you know why the game is called PATIENCE but

I guess that’s worth waiting ......


Any questions?

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NeoBux and OnBux

Currently there are two sites (NeoBux and OnBux) which are reliable and you can use this strategy. There are many more simulair sites but a lot of them are scam. You can use this strategy also for those sites and hope they are not gone very soon.

Oh no, another site to promote some kind of strategy to earn money :-(

We see hunderds of these sites every day, they simply doesn’t work.


Well, that’s true but the difference is, this strategy really works!!


About the NeoBux Strategy

NeoBux (and other simulair sites) is a free worldwide advertising service available in seven (!!) different languages. The service allows advertisers to get thousand of potential customers to view their advertisements.


Members view advertisements for a short duration and receives a monetary value to their account. The sites are free to use, and there’s no need to pay anything to start earning today.


As NeoBux is the first registered and stable multi-million dollar company and has already payout over 24 Million dollar so far and therefore I’ve reffered this money making strategy to NeoBux. Remember, this strategy doesn’t work not only for Neobux but also for simulair sites as NeoBux (e.g. OnBux).


Read on and learn how to make $50 a day with these sites.




The NeoBux Strategy


The name of the game is called PATIENCE. Remember, with this money making strategy you don’t need any money! And this is NOT TO GET RICH QUICK! The key of the strategy is (maintaining your) rented referrals.


Step 1 - Join

The first step is to join NeoBux and OnBux for free (assuming you already have a PayPal and/or AlertPay account to collect the money). After you login you need to click on the advertisments, worth 1 cent each. Depending on your geografical location, there will be at least  4 advertisements to click, meaning 4 cents a day. I hear you think, huh .... only 4 cents a day ... this way I won’t get rich even after 20 years clicking ..... but remember, the name of the game is PATIENCE and when using this strategy you don’t have to click for 20 years! Continue to login every day and click on the advertisements untill you have earned $3,00.


So when you reach the day you have $3,00 in your Main Balance I can hear you thinking or even shout .... yes, I’ve earned $3,00 .... time for payout after a period of hard work. Do you want to know what I think? Woo-hoo ....... THREE WHOLE DOLLARS in your PayPal account ..... NO WAY! Cashing out to early is a huge problem for people that use NeoBux or simulair sites. Every dollar you’ve earned should be spend on your referrals! Now pay attention, let the NeoBux stratey start working and go to Step 2.



Step 2 - My first 3 referrals

As you now have $3,00 in your Main Balance you can start rent referrals. As a referral cost 25 cents each for one month you should be able to rent 10 referrals. But don’t rent 10 referrals!! If you rent 10 referrals, you don’t have any money left to maintain your referrals. The golden rule: you should have $1,00 per referral you’re going to rent so this way you’re able to maintain this referral. Transfer your $3,00 from your Main Balance to your Rental Balance and rent your first 3 referrals. Be aware that you should click on your own advertisements to receive money from your referrals!!


Step 3 - Autopay

When you rent referrals, you pay for one month. After that month your referral is gone. Therefore NeoBux developed “Autopay”. So the first thing to do when you rent your first 3 referrals is to turn Autopay ON. A small part of the money you earn from your referral is used for the rent of that referral. Instead of you paying for your referral, they pay for themselves as long as you’ve Autopay on.


Step 4 - Maintain referrals

Now you rent referrals it’s important to get to know your referrals. Check you referrals every day! There are two situations when you should take action on a referral. The first is recylce those referrals who stopped clicking on advertisements. The following rules applies for this.


If a referral has a click average of less than 1.0 and has not clicked Today or Yesterday, recycle the referral. This will cost you 7 cent but this referral is not making money for you and you get a new referral.


If a referral has a click average between 1.0 and 3.0 and has not clicked Today or Yesterday, I’ll give this referral 4-5 days before I recycle this referral.


I’ll give a referral with an avarage of over 3.0 and who has not clicked Today or Yesterday, 7 days to return before I recycle them as I would hate to recycle a good referral just because this referral was on vacation for a week.


Second action is to check the days mentioned at Next Payment. When a referral goes below the 20 days, the autopay function doesn’t work so they don’t pay for themselve anymore. When a referral reach the 20 days, add another 30 days.


Now you understand why you need some money to maintain your referrals and

should buy only 3 referrals instead of 10 referrals.


Step 5 - More referrals

Now that you’ve 3 referrals you will earn the next $3,00 faster. Continue to click on your own advertisements (otherwise you won’t earn money from your referrals) untill you’ve $3,00 again. Rent the next 3 referrals so now you have 6 referrals. Continue with this strategy until you reach the 500 referrals. As you can only rent referrals once a week you can start renting 5 referrals when your Main Balance contains $5,00, 10 referrals when you Main Balance contains $10,00 and so on.


The name of the game is PATIENCE!



Check the amount of money I’ve earned in the Neobux banner, this is automatically updated by Neobux every time I earn more money and can not be updated manually!!